Welcome to Trunk Help

There are 2 locations where you can find documentation to help you use Trunk:

1. Trunk Help Tool (you are here now)

The Trunk Help tool appears on all sites in Trunk. It contains text based help documentation which can be searched or browsed from the left-hand column. Help content is also context sensitive and can be opened by clicking on the question mark icon next to the name of a specific tool in Trunk.

Please note: Help articles may describe features or settings that are not available to you, as a result of your role within a given site.

2. Trunk Support Site

The Trunk Support Site is hosted in Spark and designed to provide multi-media as well as text-based documentation to support your understanding and use of Trunk. The site is divided into different sections, which can be accessed directly by clicking on the relevant link below.

Moving from Blackboard:

Getting Started Using Trunk:

Training & Support

If you wish to speak with a help representative or submit a help request to the Trunk Support team, please email trunk@tufts.edu. Trunk support is available during regular business hours.